Doubt constantly resides in the hearts of people. In such uncertain moments, we are confronted with questions about which path to choose and what we should do. During these times, divination has been a source of support for people since ancient times. Among these practices, Tarot readings are particularly known as an attractive and mystical presence.

Tarot readings are not only a means of predicting the future but also a way to confront one’s inner self, thanks to their beautiful cards and unique symbols. However, to perform Tarot readings on your own, you need to deeply learn the meanings of the cards and spreads and accumulate practical experience. The combinations can be highly intricate, requiring deep understanding and unique interpretations.

arcanamaze has made the world of Tarot readings more accessible, offering services that cater to everyone, from beginners to professionals.

From shuffling the cards to spreading them and, most importantly, interpreting the meanings of the cards, there is AI support available. It is designed to not only allow you to enjoy the complexity but also to gain profound insights.

Whether you are just starting out of curiosity, seeking to deepen your knowledge of Tarot readings, already well-versed in the world of Tarot, or a professional in the field, arcanamaze can meet a wide range of needs.

With arcanamaze, why not unravel the doubts in people’s hearts and discover new paths? The mystical world of Tarot is now open before you.

Important Notes

  1. Restrictions on Life-and-Death Readings: Tarot readings should not be conducted on matters directly related to people’s life expectancy, time of death, or topics concerning illnesses and crimes due to ethical reasons. These themes are highly sensitive and often require specialized medical or legal advice.

  2. Limitation on Repeating the Same Question: It is advisable to avoid repeatedly seeking readings on the same question. If you wish to perform such readings, it is recommended to wait for a period of at least one month since the previous reading. This helps prevent biased results.

  3. Limitation on the Timeframe of Readings: In Tarot readings, the appropriate timeframe typically extends from 1 month to 3 months into the future. Predicting long-term futures, such as 5 or 10 years ahead, is not well-suited to the nature of Tarot readings. However, using a horoscope to predict a summary of the upcoming year is an exception.

  4. Focus on Near-Future Readings: Tarot readings are primarily intended to predict the near future. Precise, long-term future predictions have their limitations, so it may be more appropriate to seek specialized advice for specific life planning, and similar matters.

Adhering to these guidelines is essential for the ethical practice of divination and maintaining trust between diviners and clients. By following these appropriate guidelines, Tarot readings can become more meaningful and enjoyable.